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Chemical Service

Chemical washes are recommended every 1-2 years for residential units and yearly for commercial units.

Chemical washes can be done on both the fan coil unit and condenser unit. It consists of dismantling of the air conditioning unit and doing a thorough chemical wash of internal parts.


Dismantling Of Fan Coil Unit

Improve the cooling performance

Cleaning Of The Blower Wheel

Prolong life span of the air conditioning unit

Re-Install Fan Coil Unit

Testing & Commissioning

Chemical Overhaul Of Evaporator Coil

Cleaner air to breath in

Cleaning Of Drain Pan

Saves on energy cost

Checking Of All Electrical Components And Settings

3 Months Service Warranty

Cleaning Of Air Filters

Prevent water dripping & condensation problems

Flushing Of Drain Pipe

Top Up Refrigerant Gas R22/R410A


Wall Mounted 9,000 Btu/Hr - 12,000 Btu/Hr $150
18,000 Btu/Hr $180
24,000 Btu/Hr $240
Ceiling Cassette
Ceiling Suspended
12,000 Btu/Hr $350
18,000 Btu/Hr $350
24,000 Btu/Hr $400
36,000 Btu/Hr $450
48,000 Btu/Hr $500
60,000 Btu/Hr $550

NOTE : Our company practising chemical service by dismantle the fan coil unit instead of inserting a water tray to wash away the chemical. By dismantling the fan coil unit, we can clean the air condition’s individual components thoroughly with the alkaline-based chemical, without leaving behind chemical residue which may lead to the corrosion of the fan coil.

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Having problem with your air conditioner? Book an appointment now for a free inspection. No obligation after inspection. *During office hours only & applicable for residential split system only

Important Notices
  • The appointment is subject to the time slots available for booking. Appointment is confirmed upon via phone or email.
  • Free Inspections are applicable for split system only. Inspection charges are apply for VRV/VRF System, Preparation of Heat Load Calculation & Report.
  • Price exclude special equipment / scaffoldings / cranes / false ceiling / concealed access for accessibility to the air-units location, work difficulty due to height (>3m) or safety requirement.
  • All charges may be adjusted accordingly depending on the site condition and location. **Area Surcharge of $10-$20 is applicable for location at Tuas, Sentosa and CBD area. Jurong Island surcharge at $30. Area surcharge will be waived for order amount $300 and above.
  • Payment has to be made and collected by Cash or Cheque upon job completion.
  • All the above prices quoted do not include spare part replacements and repair works.
  • COOLFORCE reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions and package pricing without prior notice.
  • Service Warranty does not cover: (1) Faults due to routine maintenance servicing under “heavy usage category” was not carried out effectively (oily/dusty/public area). (2) Condensation (sweating) from pipes. (3) Any damaged/part burnt due to wrong/abnormal voltage supply. (4) Any damaged due to usage not in accordance to the Manufacturer’s Operation Manual. (5) Re-occurrence of dirt / Parts damaged due to normal wear and tear, corrosion, rusting or stains.
  • Warranty becomes void if alteration/modification/servicing /repair carried out by others during warranty period.
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