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Service Your Air-Conditioners Regularly

Regular cleaning on your air-conditioners help to keep the air in your room clean and fresh. Thorough cleaning keeps your home healthier and more comfortable:

  • Eliminate Odours
  • Prevent mould
  • Longer lasting high performance; consistent performance from time of purchase
  • Economical energy cost; cleaning the fan (25%), the heat exchanger (5%) and the filter (15%) increases energy savings by a total of up to 45%


Dust and dirt will accumulate in the filters overtime. If these filters are not vacuumed, cleaned and washed, the filters would not work effectively causing the air conditioning system to work harder than usual. As a result, you may need to adjust the air conditioner to an incredibly low temperature to get the same coolness previously enjoyed. This would imply needing higher energy consumption, eventually hurting your pockets. In addition, the air conditioner will be blowing filthy air to the surrounding, which could be detrimental to your health, especially for those suffering from eczema and asthma.

There are moving parts within the air conditioning system.To move efficiently, these parts e.g. blower, fans and coils need to be cleaned and lubricated. If this is not done, the parts would not operate efficiently and you would probably hear rattling sounds coming from the air conditioning units from time to time after long usage. Further, if the parts do not work efficiently, more energy would need to be consumed to operate them; again leading to higher electricity bills.

Even if you have cleaned the air conditioning filters yourself, you could still find that the air is not as cool as before after long usage. This could be due to refrigerant problem. So if no checks have been carried out by experience hands to determine the reasons, you may find that the air from the air conditioning unit is warmer than usual even though you have adjusted to a very low temperature. If you have carried out regular air conditioner servicing, the service man would have already discovered the low level of refrigerant and topped up as appropriate. The low level of coolant could also be a result of leaking problem; however, repair could be done if this is detected early through regular air conditioner servicing.

Air conditioners are machines that would undergo wear and tear and would break-down sooner than expected if no regular servicing has been carried out.

If you do not service your air conditioner regularly, you would suffer the fate of breathing filthy air, disturbed by the occasional noise coming from the air conditioning unit and enjoying less and less cool air. Not only does the air conditioner no longer serve the purpose of giving you cool air and restful sleep, it gives you the headache of hefty electricity bill instead.

Note : Do you know that you need to check and service your condenser on regular basis too ?

Condenser is the critical (and costly) part of air-conditioning system. The condenser is a vital part of the unit that converting warm air into cool air that blow out from the indoor unit.
Dirt and debris accumulation in the condenser may seize to function properly and subsequently may causing noise when operating. The dirt and debris accumulation will also lead to compressor high amp and stop operating as it is unable to deplete the hot air when operating. This could have a serious impact on the air-con system.
Hence, cleaning condenser coils needs to be a regular activity especially during the hot season.

Important: Prevention of Mosquito Breeding

  • If you have air-conditioner tray installed at your unit, remember to check the tray regularly and to keep the air-conditioner tray free of mosquito breeding.
  • Ask the air-cond technician to check and clear any blockages at the drainage outlet during the air-cond servicing appointment.

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